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Magic in the World

By Aaron Krol

We all agreed the merciful thing was to kill it.
Larvae growing out of its back like spines
and its head craning round to see what had become
of its body, what it had been replaced with.
I was the oldest, but it was Stephen I made

pry the caterpillar off the branch, and crush it,
and hope nothing would ever grow where it dropped.


On Wilma Stockenström

By Deborah Helen Garfinkle

One night almost thirty years ago, I attended a benefit reading for South Africa organized in conjunction with the fortieth-anniversary PEN world congress.

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Michael Capel

Michael Capel received his MFA from Boise State University. His work has appeared in Baltimore Review, Barnstorm, and South Dakota Review. He lives in Boise with his partner, fiction writer Mollie Ficek, and their dog, Rusty. His story “Florida Arizona…

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Home, words

By T Clutch Fleischmann
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