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In Memoriam

The Kenyon Review is pleased to present In Memoriam, a space for remembering notable contributors to the pages of KR. We regret the loss of their voices from the world of arts and letters.

KR remembers Helen Forman, 1922-2015


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How I Came to Rule the World

By Justin Boening

First, no one loved me. Then

I learned to love myself

too much. The rest, as they say, 

is the rest. 

                    I ran and ran 

for what seemed like months, 

for what seemed like days

without nights, through stampedes 

of the others just like me,

what I took to be the infernos

one is promised



By Chris Feliciano Arnold

Remember that boy who juggled cócos in the centro, the one who killed his sister and her man? No matter what the cops said, I always believed he was innocent. You see, I watched those kids grow up. Othoniel de…


Empire Builder

By Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel

I forget the sound of the wheels grating against their track until the whistle blows, and I remember how far I wanted to go in this life. I ride this train named Empire Builder and settle into my sleeping car,…

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Keya Mitra

Keya Mitra is currently an assistant professor of creative writing and literature at Pacific University and graduated in 2010 with a doctorate from the University of Houston’s Creative Writing Program, where she also earned her MFA. In 2008, she spent…

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