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A Micro-Interview with Harold Schweizer

“If my work, either in prose or poetry has any gravitas at all, it would be because I am both gratefully aware of the rhythmically unfolding life around us and grievously troubled by all the suffering that we cannot alleviate.”

In Memoriam

The Kenyon Review is pleased to present In Memoriam, a space for remembering notable contributors to the pages of KR. We regret the loss of their voices from the world of arts and letters.

KR remembers Galway Kinnell, 1927-2014


The Kenyon Review Fall 2014

Volume XXXVI | Number 4

Selections from our latest issue available now:

The winners of the 2014 Short Fiction Contest: Amy Victoria Blakemore, Michael Capel, and Frank Fucile
Poems by Kimberly Grey, Jeffrey Harrison, Campbell McGrath, and Harold Schweizer
Excerpts from essays by Melissa Febos and Aja Gabel

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The Astronauts; The Piñata

By Judy Brown

The Piñata

No one told me to do it, but I was thorough
as a vigilante with the hammer. Blame it
on the hitman’s ghost-written bio, cast aside
after thirty pages of full-on true-crime gore.

Some sliver must have cut me, his flick-knife
needling my brain to this ribbon of dream.
My boy was a looter, blond as a surfie, long-calved,
his stealings in a bin-bag gripped at the neck.


Two Poems

By Matthew Minicucci

Book Twenty-Five

What if it’s said like this: a man leaves. He takes with him all he can carry. What spoils he has slip through the cracks of a hundred rowed ships. What songs are sung sing only of distant homes.


On Sarah Blackman’s Mother Box

By Gabriel Blackwell

The subtitle of Sarah Blackman’s Mother Box: and Other Tales—evoking as it does Arabian nights, anthropomorphic animals, and high seas adventures—promises that the twelve pieces collected therein will present something out of the ordinary.

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Amy Victoria Blakemore

Amy Victoria Blakemore is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, where she received an Academy of American Poetry Prize. Her writing appears in Susquehanna Review and Cleaver Magazine. She currently works in Boston, Massachusetts. Her story “Previously, Sparrows” appears…

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