On Books and Their Harbors

On Books and Their Harbors was born out of a desire to hold space for celebration in a time which has been heavy and grief-filled, space for connection in a moment when we’re all having to keep one another at a physical distance, space to honor the labor that it takes to make art, and to help books find their way to readers. This spring, we watched as book tours, in-person readings, book club meetings, lectures, and bookstore signings were cancelled in the interest of maintaining public safety.

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Traci Brimhall

Author: Traci Brimhall

Bookstore: The Dusty Bookshelf

Latest Book: Come the Slumberless to the Land of Nod

Maya Shanbhag Lang

Author: Maya Shanbhag Lang

Bookstore: Strand Bookstore

Latest Book: What We Carry

Philip Metres

Author: Philip Metres

Bookstore: Mac’s Backs Books

Latest Book: Shrapnel Maps

Alia Volz

Author: Alia Volz

Bookstore: The Green Arcade

Latest Book: Home Baked: My Mom , Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco

Lee Conell

Author: Lee Conell

Bookstore: The Bookshop

Latest Book: The Party Upstairs

Dora Malech

Author: Dora Malech

Bookstore: The Ivy Bookshop

Latest Book: Flourish

Cameron Awkward-Rich

Author: Cameron Awkward-Rich

Bookstore: Brew and Forge Book Fair

Latest Book: Dispatch

Bishakh Som

Author: Bishakh Som

Bookstore: College Street Book Stalls

Latest Book: Apsara Engine

Francisco Aragón

Author: Francisco Aragón

Bookstore: Open Books: A Poem Emporium

Latest Book: After Rubén

Souvankham Thammavongsa

Author: Souvankham Thammavongsa

Bookstore: Another Story Bookshop

Latest Book: How to Pronounce Knife