An Inventory of the Possessions of William Kevin Thompson, Jr., Age 19, Upon his Expulsion from the Family Residence on October 20, 1971

Thaddeus Gunn

Mad magazine no. 125, March 1969

Playboy magazine, December 1968

Big Daddy Ed Roth “Rat Fink” “Drag Nut” high-impact plastic model by Revell, completed


Syringes, hypodermic


Dried rose arrangement

Laura Morell’s high school graduation picture, torn

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos by HP Lovecraft, Ballantine Books

A dog-eared copy of the Bhagavad Gita, publisher unknown


Cannabis sativa, two grams


Enfield .303 SMLE Mark III rifle plus 20 rounds soft-point ammunition

Fetal pig, preserved in formaldehyde

US Army surplus down-filled mummy bag, olive drab

Glue, Testors brand model cement


India ink, two ounces

Jelly jars of bolts, washers, and ball bearings

Xerox copy of xanthomonas colloidal mixture techniques for homemade napalm, gelignite, and plastique from The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell

KA-BAR US Marine Corps issue tactical knife

Yellow legal pads, three

Winchester 12-gauge shotgun


Handwritten on scrap paper: haiku, free verse, and diagrams of the back door, driveway, and basement entry of the family residence


Sawed-off .22 rifle of indeterminate manufacture

Notice of determination regarding the application for conscientious objector status


Order receipt from Ward Scientific for two pounds of ammonium perchlorate


Zen symbols enso and yin yang, hand brushed on papyrus


“Quantiferous amounts” (his words) of anhydrous ether in a brown glass bottle


Valentine’s Day greeting card, dated February 14, 1962, handmade, crayon and construction paper with message “I am sory for all the rong I have done” signed Billy

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