Michelle Boisseau

Michelle Boisseau‘s fourth collection of poetry, A Sunday in God-Years, was published by the University of Arkansas in 2009. She received her second NEA fellowship in poetry in 2010. She teaches in the MFA program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Autumn 2006

Die Zwei ist Zweifel

By Michelle Boisseau

Two Is Doubt—Friedrich Rückert   There is one God and one God only.He fills up everywhere, bread doughbrimming the blue bowl, so there’s noroom for him to feel lonely. There […]

Mid-Day Sunrise

By Michelle Boisseau

The preposterous rouses us.

Cardinal in a hardware store,
cupcake in a sock drawer.

The clown was on her way to work.
On offer was another portion

of winter's tin entrenchment.
Sobbing shrubs, streets empty